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Program Pricing

We offer personalized coaching sessions to help you achieve better sleep and improve your overall well-being. Our pricing plans are designed to fit your needs and budget, so you can start sleeping better today.



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Basic Sleep Care

For those who seek simple daily guidance and support with their sleep habits.


Daily Sleep Goal Tracking with our AI Coach

Access to our iOS Sleep App with sleep monitoring

Weekly insights report summarizing progress and offering suggestions for improvement

ISI/ESS Clinical Assessment and Report

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Advanced Sleep Support

For those who require a more structured approach to tackle their sleep issues, including more direct support.


Everything in Basic, plus:

Monthly 15-min. Video Consultation with a Sleep Coach

Daily Sleep Goal Tracking with a Human Sleep Coach

Unlimited Text Coaching with a Human Sleep Coach

Access to our exclusive Community Support Group

Total sleep transformation graphics.

Total Sleep Transformation

For those looking for a comprehensive and personalized program to radically improve their sleep habits.


Everything in Basic and Advanced, plus:

Bi-weekly 20-min Video Consultation with a Sleep Coach

A dedicated sleep consultant for personalized guidance

Priority response time and scheduling for Video Consultations

Access to exclusive content and resources, such as in-depth guides and workshops on sleep health, stress management, and wellness

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Enhance your experience with add-ons

Sleep Audio Education Course

$20 ($80 Value)

Get audio lessons on the latest sleep science. Our expertly curated content is designed to help you learn more about the importance of sleep in a fun and accessible way. 

30-minute Video Coaching Session

$99 ($150 value)

Receive enhanced support from your sleep coach, who will work with you to improve your sleep habits and overall well-being.

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What People Say About
Neru Health

Glen, Software Developer

I've been struggling with sleep issues for years due to carpal tunnel syndrome and other medical conditions. No matter what I tried, I couldn't seem to get a good night's sleep. That's when I discovered Neru Health. Their personalized sleep guidance and support helped me establish healthy sleep habits and routines.

While my underlying medical issues are still a work in progress, I've noticed an improvement in my sleep quality and daytime energy since working with Neru. Their caring coaches took the time to understand my unique situation and provided tailored recommendations. I would highly recommend Neru Health to anyone looking to optimize their sleep and feel more rested each day. Their gentle, goal-based approach helped improve my sleep in just a few short months. I'm grateful I gave them a chance.

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Get Your AI Sleep Profile

Take our Free Sleep Assessment Quiz which will give us insights on your sleep habits and challenges. Immediately after, you'll receive a detailed report with tailored lifestyle recommendations designed to improve your sleep quality.
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Neru Health

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