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Hi, We’re 
Neru Health

We're on a mission to make sleep care personalized, accessible, and empowering for everyone.

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Our Story

Neru Health was born out of Harvard and is founded by a Harvard scientist/MBA, a Stanford engineer, and a CDTM data scientist who have a shared vision of a world where technology both connects us and heals us.

We began our mission to help others with sleep after witnessing the impact of sleep deprivation on our loved ones, as well as our own bouts of insomnia and sleep apnea. It was through these experiences that we understood that sleep is unique for each individual, from life and work constraints that shape our day to our unique biology and circadian rhythms. We are dedicated to creating solutions that recognize and cater to the individual health needs of each person.


We believe that sleep is the cornerstone of wellness, a fundamental pillar that supports the entirety of your health and well-being.

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At the heart of our philosophy lies a deep conviction that sleep is not just a mere necessity but the foundation upon which all dimensions of wellness rest. Without the foundation of restorative sleep, the other aspects of well-being—nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness—cannot function to their full potential. It's this holistic view of health, with sleep as its foundation, that inspires our collective passion to explore how technology could unlock the doors to better health and well-being for all.

We are inspired by our loved ones who are shift workers.

Our commitment to enhancing sleep and overall well-being is not just a mission; it's a deeply personal journey, rooted in our collective experiences with loved ones whose dedication keeps our society running. We have the shared experience of having family members who tirelessly work as shift workers - nurses, doctors, hotel employees, and airport crew. These unsung heroes work through the night and into the early hours of the morning, often sacrificing their own health and well-being for the sake of others. 

Every decision we make at Neru Health is informed by this deep, personal connection. We're driven by the desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who give so much of themselves, to serve others. We strive to deliver a transformational experience that uplifts and empowers our everyday heroes to take control of their health and well-being, one shift at a time.

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The Team Behind Neru Health

At the heart of Neru Health lies a story of three visionaries, each with a unique journey, united by a shared mission to redefine health and wellness through groundbreaking technology and AI. Our founders – a Stanford engineer, a Harvard scientist/MBA, and a CDTM data scientist – bring together a diverse blend of expertise, innovation, and a deep commitment to improving lives.


Morgan Moncada


Morgan is experienced in developing and commercializing early life science technologies, ranging from therapeutics to digital solutions. With a Harvard MBA and MS in Biotech, and a Bachelor's in Biology from Stanford, Morgan embodies the synthesis of business acumen and scientific rigor.

He brings to the table experience from two successful stints in the life science startup ecosystem, demonstrating a proven track record of strategic leadership.


Catherine Tadina


Catherine is a leader in product management and development with experience working as an engineer and PM in the aerospace, logistics, and tech sectors. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.
Catherine combines her technical expertise with strong business judgment to drive innovation and operational excellence, while  keeping user-centered design at the forefront.

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Maria Grebenshchikova


Maria is committed to revolutionizing the digital health space by placing clinical efficacy and empathy at the core of Neru Health’s products.
Maria Grebenshchikova gained her expertise in AI and healthcare through her work as a graduate researcher at the Systems Genetics and Machine Learning Lab and research fellowship at Harvard University, where she developed predictive models for health outcomes using genetic, digital, and biological biomarkers.

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Get Your AI 
Sleep Profile

Take our Free Sleep Assessment Quiz which will give us insights on your sleep habits and challenges. Immediately after, you'll receive a detailed report with tailored lifestyle recommendations designed to improve your sleep quality.

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Neru Health

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