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Take Control of Your Jet Lag

We help make sure you're in peak shape for takeoff.

You need solutions to feel rested and alert even on transoceanic flights or days with multiple schedule adjustments. Discover how our sleep solution adapts to your timezone changes and layovers.
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Why Neru Health? 

As a pilot, you master the skies, but irregular schedules and time zone changes can affect your energy levels, alertness, and mood on a daily basis. Neru Health's personalized sleep coaching was designed specifically for pilots like you.

Designed for Pilots

Neru personalizes coaching to your chronotype, work schedule, and preferences, with continuous adaptation as your flight schedule changes. 


Neru optimizes your sleep, nutrition, exercise, napping, and caffeine by blending evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) with cutting-edge circadian rhythm interventions.

Absolute Privacy and Security

Your career and personal data are sensitive. We ensure the highest level of encryption and data protection. Sleep sound knowing your information stays secure.

Product Features


Sleep Training
that Adapts to You

Optimize your sleep no matter where you are in the world. We adapt to your timezone changes and layover schedules, providing optimal circadian rhythm training that syncs perfectly with your flight roster.


Fatigue Management Tools

Monitor your alertness, energy, and mood levels. Receive actionable insights that help prevent fatigue. It's like having a co-pilot for your mental health, always ready to assist.


Personalized Sleep Science Education

Learn Circadian Science–including the latest on nutrition, light exposure, exercise, napping, caffeine, and other habits–with our Personalized Education system.

Ben G., Airline Pilot

The actual recommendations are great, especially the dietary ones. I'm pretty active and generally eat well, but sometimes you end up just eating whatever’s available. Tailoring the food to the recommendations has really helped. Text coaching has simplified things for our job, too, since we're always on the move and sometimes out of service. It's nice to land and receive text messages telling me exactly what to do next. It’s very convenient.

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Take the Pilot's Seat in Your Sleep Health

Don’t let sleep turbulence disrupt your career or your well-being. With Neru Health, gain the tools you need to achieve peak performance both in the air and on the ground.
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Neru Health

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