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Preview of our Text Coaching Program Features

When you sign up, you'll gain access to try our innovative product free for two weeks so you can experience the full range of features and benefits our program has to offer.
Here's a sneak preview of what awaits you:

Daily Text Coaching

With recommendations on when to sleep, eat, nap, and exercise all tailored to your work schedule, we ensure you get the maximum sleep and energy. It's like having a personal lifestyle coach dedicated to enhancing your entire routine.

Neru Health SMS mockup on a phone.
Neru Health SMS mockup on a phone.

Smart, Dynamic AI Conversations

Stuck in a sleep rut? Text us. Last-minute change in plans? Let us know. Our AI doesn't just listen; it understands and adapts. It's like having a sleep whisperer who not only knows exactly what you need but also when you need it.

Insightful Data Tracking

Discover the power of understanding your sleep patterns through our comprehensive data insights. Track your progress and see real improvements, not just in how long you sleep, but in how well you sleep and how energized you feel each day.

Neru Health SMS mockup on a phone.
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Get Your AI 
Sleep Profile

Take our Free Sleep Assessment Quiz which will give us insights on your sleep habits and challenges. Immediately after, you'll receive a detailed report with tailored lifestyle recommendations designed to improve your sleep quality.

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Neru Health

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