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Willow, your AI Family Health Concierge

Simplify care. Together. 

Willow AI helps young adult care-givers manage the care of their elderly parents and grandparents with ease:

  • Monitor health - Track vitals, behaviors, and medication adherence from anywhere

  • Share securely - Keep family and clinicians in the loop with a shareable data timeline

  • Get guidance - Ask Willow AI health questions and get personalized tips & care resources

  • Connect - Video chat with loved ones and clinicians at the press of a button  

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Willow AI provides data-driven Recommendations & Resources

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Willow connects the dimensions of you

Machine-Learning Longevity &
Brain Health Recommendations
A healthy brain means a healthy body and a healthy mind.


Brain health comprises sleep, diet, exercise, social, and emotional management. Willow captures these data streams through phones, wearable devices, user interaction, and app integrations. Willow then provides you personalized recommendations to maintain or improve these dimensions daily.  

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Get Personalized Data Insights

Willow can analyze your brain health data dimensions to deliver complex insights such as physiological vs. perceived stress, causes of stress, and the relationships between sleep, stress, and physical activity.

Willow Grove

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Sharing is Caring

Cultivate your Willow grove: 

Friends and family are a critical factor in developing healthy habits and making Willow a fun experience!

  • Share your Willow with friends

  • Choose what data you share

  • Support others and receive support

  • Learn what strategies others are using to improve their health  

Sign up for our early beta access and choose your Willow companion 


Sign Up for Beta & Receive Updates

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